The Hunters (SPs)

Whether you’re watching them from afar- some Hunters might prefer to call it admiring- or interacting with them up close and personal, there is no doubt what their purpose is: to do something worthy of remembrance, or, at the very least, to have fun trying. Spontaneous, action-oriented, free flowing, and audacious, Foxes (ESTPs), Sharks (ISTPs), Peacocks (ESFPs), and Butterflies (ISFPs) always seem to bring a needed bit of excitement and cheer wherever they go.

Aggression & Aesthetics

When it comes to their philosophy on life, Hunters are Epicureans at heart, masters of maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain in all aspects of their lives. They are the free spirits, the rule-benders, the gamblers, and the entertainers; they are the people most likely to skip dinner and go straight to dessert. For Hunters, life is all about having fun and living in the moment, and this pleasure-seeking mentality manifests itself in two ways: aggressive action and beautiful craftsmanship.

The Foxes and Sharks view controlled aggression as the key to their success. They have the ability to calculate the risk/reward of a situation in a matter of seconds and, more importantly, the boldness to act on those calculations without any hesitation. The athletic brand Nike, namesake of the goddess of victory and possessor of the slogan “Just do it”, fits perfectly with the modus operandi of these highly-competitive, strike-first Hunters, who are always willing to play games, but will readily admit that it’s only fun if you’re trying to win. For inexperienced Foxes and Sharks, however, this approach can be dangerous, as it often leads to recklessness. It’s no surprise that younger- and older- Foxes and Sharks are constantly injuring themselves; everyone remembers those kids in grade school who always came back from summer vacation or long weekends with a cast, brace, or splint on some part of their body.

Not to be outdone, Peacocks and Butterflies are also bold risk-takers, but in their case, this audaciousness is reflected in their ability to perceive and express beauty. Of course, “beauty” is a loaded word, rife with social assumptions and implications; male Peacocks and Butterflies frequently mistype themselves as their more aggressive Fox and Shark siblings due to the prevalent idea that “beauty” is primarily a female’s domain. Nevertheless, regardless of gender, their aesthetic ability and, most notably, their gift for creating pleasure for others and themselves, is undeniable. Whether it’s a graceful 6’5” receiver making a beautiful catch in the end zone, or a bohemian writer/musician with a smoky, melancholy voice busking in the subway, Peacocks and Butterflies just make things appear really good. The downside, however, is that they might start appreciating this pleasure a little too much, and it is not uncommon to see them fall into the dual trap of hedonism and sloth.

With their optimism and zest for the present, Hunters usually don’t let their shortcomings bring them down; in fact, falling on their face is the best, and sometimes only, way for Hunters to learn. And the recklessness and over-consumption of their earlier days frequently evolves into the cleverness and nuance that will guide them for the rest of their lives.

Displaying Skills

All Hunters take pride in their respective talents, and will not hesitate to showcase them at a moment’s notice. Foxes and Peacocks are incredibly overt in their showmanship, while Sharks and Butterflies tend to be a little bit more restrained, letting the brilliance of their actions and creations do the talking. However, no matter the type, Hunters definitely live by the maxim, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”. Perhaps this is a result of growing up in the tightly structured world of the Gatherers, a world whose categories and restrictions often chafe the adaptable Hunters. School can be torturous for them. It’s learn-first, apply-later paradigm not exactly simpatico with Hunter risk-taking; for them, the best way to learn is to do it first. Practical by nature, Hunters prefer practicing proven techniques over memorizing abstract theory, and they will work incredibly hard to master their respective crafts, regardless of whether they will be receiving a grade for it or not. Conceivably, Hunters’ desire to exhibit their skills might be a form of vindication for years spent having to dodge the wrath of Gatherer orthodoxy. In the mind of a Hunter, you’re either good at something or you’re not, no matter the method, means, or manner in which you achieved your results. For Hunters, it’s almost more fun to do it the harder, more unconventional way- it represents a slap in the face to all those who ever doubted them. Despite this behavior, it’s also safe to say that Hunters will strive to display their artistry no matter what kind of animosity they may or may not feel- just don’t be surprised if they perform a touchdown dance, or get in a little wink as they pass by you on the road to success.

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