• Sympathy can never quite reach the depth that empathy dwells in. To truly understand means having the same experience which may or may never be. So instead we offer our hand in hopes that they trust us to provide aid to them. The problem arises when they don’t reach out to accept it. Their refusal to take the aid whether intentional or not leaves feelings of doubt in the use of sympathy. It hurts to let them go, but you can possible force your hand without risk of damage.

    People have free will. Choices are made every moment of every day whether it be beneficial to or harmful to themselves or others. With these choices comes accountability. I expect you to act as no one other than yourself, and with each action I expect you to face the consequences.

    I’ve long since abandoned the belief of being a virgin sacrifice. I am corrupt, have been from the earliest moment I can remember. Social awkwardness and little faith in my speaking ability leaves me to mostly avoid conversation and thus interaction with others. Once, I have felt pain and it turned to hate which then turned to cynicism. Progressing even further would leave me completely misanthropic if not for the one chance I took. A promise with that of my faith who would deliver what I sought after in exchange to never let myself devolve into such loathing.

    I’m not very good with conclusions but here I go. Right now I’m even conflicted about posting this. As of now, I stick to me. I can be with or without much interaction or acceptance of others. I’ve come to terms that people will be who they are. Some I won’t like and others I will appreciate. A bastard born, but not a bastard raised. Can’t expect friends to be made in a day. Can’t expect assholes to be made in a day.

  • I knew it I’m surrounded by assholes :)))

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