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What is Each MBTI Personality Pack’s Worst Nightmare?

Written by Kamaji

For in this sleep of death what dreams may come.

Hamlet (Act 3, Scene 1)

Our personality type can be determined by certain core values, and those values can provide our lives with many benefits, including a purpose to live. But what happens when the things we hold most dear become twisted, or even worse, nonexistent? Whether you’re a Gatherer (Stags, Beavers, Elephants, Bears), Hunter (Foxes, Sharks, Peacocks, Butterflies), Shaman (Dolphins, Pandas, Baboons, Humpback Whales), or Smith (Killer Whales, Spiders, Chimpanzees, Owls), we’ve all had those moments when we’ve woken up in a cold sweat–followed by a sigh of relief.

The Gatherers

You find out that your parents faked their identities to escape persecution and are running from the law.  You were the child of another couple that disappeared (they weren’t the cause, they just noticed it) and they adopted you and took their identities and their belongings.  They also have a large amount of debt and are evading their taxes.  If you don’t report what you find out, you end up complicit, but if you do, then they are going to jail, their house is getting repossessed and you will become liable for their debts.

The Hunters

You contract a disease that severely limits your mobility and continence, so it’s hard for you to stray far from your house or at least a bathroom.  The medicine you have to take for the rest of your life makes you lose your sense of taste and smell.

The Shamans 

The organization (e.g. company, institution, or community) to which you have devoted the most time and money turns out to be running a large-scale fraud that hurts or steals from the people it purports to help, ever since the beginning.  The leader of that group you admired most (excluding yourself of course) turns out to have faked their backstory to get where they were.  You found out the truth firsthand and try to confront them about it, but they call you a liar and a traitor and the group turns against you.  You are forced to report it to the police, but it’s hard to get evidence and you lose the case.

The Smiths  

You get in a car accident and incur brain damage.  You lose your mental faculties but not your health, personality, or spirit.  Your family is compensated very well and you don’t have to worry about money ever again, but the world becomes inscrutable and unpredictable to you, and everyone loves you but treats you like a child and a fool for the rest of your life.

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