The Owl – INTP

If a Humpback Whale is the “old soul” of personality types, the Owl is just old. Now this might seem insulting, but to the information-obsessed Owl, advanced age, or at least the appearance of it, is believed to be a sign of wisdom. Every tuft of disheveled hair, every imaginary gray follicle, and every mismatched wardrobe accessory: all evidence of a life spent devoted to the pursuit of knowledge.

The Theorist

Marie Curie: Facts and biography | Live Science

Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.

– Marie Curie

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The Pacifist


My pacifism is an instinctive feeling, a feeling that possesses me because the murder of men is disgusting.

– Albert Einstein

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The Hermit


I had rather be shut up in a very modest cottage with my books, my family and a few old friends, dining on simple bacon, and letting the world roll on as it liked, than to occupy the most splendid post, which any human power can give.

– Thomas Jefferson

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The Advisor

Science Goes To The Movies: 'Contact' In Portland, OR

So, what’s more likely? That an all-powerful, mysterious god created the universe and decided not to give any proof of his existence? Or, that he simply doesn’t exist at all, and that we created him so that we wouldn’t have to feel so small and alone?

– Ellie Arroway, Contact

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  • This fits me to a “T” and is the first test I’ve taken of many that really nailed it. Thanks.

  • Haha awesome. How did you make such a perfect mbti test?

  • Tulsi Von says:

    Nice, but too easy to mistype. I have tested intj for years now and the intp description doesn’t fit me. Very clever animal association though.

    • Same here, I gravitate around thr INTJ territory, got INTP ot this test.

  • Pretty near the mark. Love Sue Isaac Newton!

    • Should read Sir Isaac Newton.

  • Hasen Judy says:

    The bit about keeping the peace is spot on, and explains an aspect of myself that made me think in the past that I was a feeler: sometimes I decide something logically, but I can’t carry it out because it would ruffle a lot of feathers and upset some people.

  • And here I was, trying to prove the official MBTI wrong with its whole “you’re an INTP” thing.

  • I was worried that I would be mistyped due to the unusual testing strategy. However, it was correct, as >95% of online Myers-Briggs tests have been for me so far. Very rarely, I get INFP, but that’s just because I try to think about how my decisions affect other people.

    • That’s great Wesley. Usually, the biggest difference between an INTP and an INFP isn’t the consideration of people in decision-making as much as the INTP’s pacifist bent.

  • I’m INTJ but got INTP on this test.

  • Interesting test. The first time I took the MBPT the result was INFP. That never fit. But I was young and think I answered how I thought I should as a woman, not necessarily how I really was. Taking it 3 decades later with the result INTP, it was an instant fit. This test confirmed it. My life has confirmed it. I am glad to know as it helps me understand myself better and does give me some motivation to respond when people reach out to me, though I’m never disappointed when plans fall through, lol.

  • The thing with personality tests is most times I don’t really know if I’m answering them in a way that’s accurate to who I am or not.
    I may think of myself as a contemplative person, a person who prefers solitude, or any of the other INTP traits.
    But how can anybody be sure that these traits apply to them when, generally speaking, our perception of ourselves is influenced by subjective feelings and as a result not entirely true?

    What I’m saying is, I think it’s very likely that people would choose the answers, words, or sentences that apply to who they want to be and not who they are.

    Or maybe I just second guess my answers too much…

    • Hi Nyma,

      Sometimes it helps to have a close friend take it for you, as “you.” Though, to be honest, your comment does sound a whole lot like an Owl.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking. Nyma sounds like an owl in denial, explaining why she isn’t while explaining how she is. haha

  • INFJ got INTP.That’s strange.

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