Youtopia 16 Assessment

In just 5 minutes, you’ll discover:
  • Your Youtopia Tribe—are you a wise Owl, a crafty Fox, or something else?
  • What it means to belong to your tribe, including your Deviant Role
  • Which Myers-Briggs type your tribe corresponds to
What makes our test special?

Myers-Briggs tests reduce personality types into four “independent” variables. Our test treats each type as a unique whole, and that makes all the difference.

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  • Im not sure being an INFP, because I LOVE logic (maths, philosophy, computer programming, etc.) more than write poetry or writing. But I am very artistic.

    • I hate the stereotype that INFPs love poetry… I don’t, and I don’t feel less artistic because of that… personality does not determine your tastes.

    • Well, friend. You are likely a sane INFP, which is pretty rare these days… most INFPs I’ve met are crazies like SJWs or detest anything not related to their emotions… Lol

      • I mean you are not wrong sometimes I accidentally find myself acting like a SJW while supporting MRM. But that’s probably not because I’m an INFP but that people attack you if you are an MRA. You have nothing left to do but acting like a SJW to protect yourself, because they start swearing at you and calling you misogynistic… Anyways, it’s true that many INFP’s are activists and can be very attacking if you attack their beliefs which they believe will help the world be a better place. If you don’t want INFPs to turn into mad SJWs, don’t attack their unpopular opinions. Their unpopular opinions probably aren’t bad, but they can portrait them badly because they are not the best at explaining their thoughts and feelings. They can type them better than speaking it out.

    • You’re possibly INTP. Your love for the other side doesn’t make you less creative or anything. But you’re most likely a thinker and being that you’re big on science, maths, logic, and very much the intuitive, you’re INTP. Your innovative mind and thrust for knowledge drives you. That’s awesome!
      Take your time, take the test again and see. I think you’re a logician (intp).

    • Harokou Jishou says:

      I think the creativity lies in the ability of an INFP to solve things in an interesting way! I love math and philosophy too, because being able to retain a bunch of little information makes it easier to create ideas, like solving a math problem using my own kind of method or being able to think around multiple perspectives to answer a philosophical question!

      As for poetry, I think it’s because poem writing has become more ‘rigid’ in that we have to write a specific way, rather than letting us write our words in a flowing manner that lets us express ourselves. Writing can be creative and otherwise, though, being able to write paragraphs on top of paragraphs telling your friend about that cheese you accidentally ate while drunk.

  • It is an interesting experience to take a test specially if the content is regarding my personality. This topic for me is a passion. Our behavior and personality, both ones helps us to define ourselves as a singular person.

  • I got Enfj but I’m 100% sure I’m introverted and rather p than j

  • I don’t see this as accurate as all. Sometimes the words don’t relate whatsoever.

  • I got ESFP. The only explanation is my sence of humour I guess. I identify as INTP which is quite the absolute opposite.

    • Perhaps. I would ask yourself a few questions:
      1. Were/are you a good student?
      2. Have you ever gotten so angry at someone you wanted to severely hurt them?
      3. Do you find it difficult finding “me” time to recharge?

  • uɐɓɹoW ʜɒiɒꙅI says:

    There is too many words to choose, only two of them are applicable to me.

  • Web Design Service London says:

    I strongly dislike the stereotype that assumes INFPs have an inherent love for poetry. Personally, I don’t share that passion, and it doesn’t make me any less artistic. It’s important to remember that one’s personality does not dictate their preferences.

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