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The Godfather’s MBTI Personality Type

Typing Tuesdays focus on a different scene each week for readers to practice their typing skills. Post in the comments to tell us what you think and why.

To kick it off, let’s keep it strictly business. Can you type:

Michael CorleoneSonny CorleoneTom Hagen
(Al Pacino)(James Caan)(Robert Duvall)

Update: 9/10/2015
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Michael Corleone: Spider (INTJ)

  • Half the scene passes before Michael utters a single word (2:34). He listens and he plans: behavior characteristic of Spiders.
  • Michael’s reserved nature also includes his expressions. He is the only character who does not smile in the entire scene (even the stoic Tom Hagen cracks a smile towards the end when Michael reveals his plan).
  • The biggest tell in Michael’s personality is the forward thinking and planning involved to commit the murder of Sollozzo. No other types can create an elaborate trap the way a Spider can.
  • “Where does it say that you can’t kill a cop?” Like most rationals, Michael does not appeal to authority for authority’s sake, nor follow the rules (even gangster rules) for the rules’ sake.
  • “It’s not personal, Sonny. it’s strictly business.” Despite the undercurrent of emotion Michael may be feeling due to the attack on his father and the breaking of his jaw by Captain McCluskey, he is still able to remain objective and operate on logic.


Sonny Corleone: Peacock (ESFP)

  • “Tom-anuch!” “Badda-beep, badda-bap, badda-boop, badda-beep” “badabing!” Sonny uses playful, expressive language.
  • Physically affectionate: Sonny playfully spanks Tom and Michael on the butt when they walk in.
  • Lots of physical gestures. Look how much he talks with his hands compared to the others.
  • During the beginning of the scene, Sonny fills the center of the room, and center of attention. Peacocks thrive on the limelight.
  • Quick reactions. Sonny is very immediate in his plan of action. “give’em one message: I want Sollozzo… if not, it’s all-out war… we go to the mattresses.”
  • He can also change his mind without grudge. When Tom explains the dangers of an all out attack, Sonny lets it go: “Alright. We’ll wait.”



Tom Hagen: Beaver (ISTJ)

  • Tom walks in, takes off his jacket, and immediately starts working at his desk, even as the conversation continues. This hardworking diligent nature is quintessential of a Beaver.
  • Tom advises the cautious route to Sonny. ISTJs are naturally cautious with their planning. He becomes exceedingly flustered with Sonny’s recklessness.
  • ISTJs often have little tolerance for reckless abandon, what they view as the stupidity of others.
  • Tom, like the others, is reluctant to kill a cop because it’s against the rules: “Now nobody has ever gunned down a New York police captain.. never”. Unlike Michael’s anything goes pragmatism, Tom is much more inclined to think and play by the rules: the hall monitor of the mob.


  • Just my first impression.
    Michael : INTJ
    Sonny: ESTP
    Tom: ISTJ
    I’m new to this so if anyone has any insight on what they think might be wrong about my assessment please let me know!

  • Michael: INTJ- creates the plan
    Sonny: ESFP- expresses himself with his body language, over the top
    Tom: ISTJ- focuses on the logistics of Sonny’s quick decision

  • So, after a quick review of the 16 types, I feel that I have the most accurate answers ever in the history of time:
    Sonny is an ESFP. Like a peacock, Sonny purposely draws attention to himself by loudly displaying how he feels about the matter and intending to act on these impulsive feelings.
    Tom, an ISTJ, is a rule-loving Guardian who is protective of the structure because “it’s business, not personal” and thats just how it is.
    Michael, the INTJ and planner, uses his objective reasoning to make his decision while maintaining a calm and serious composure. He is a silent genius!!
    aaaaandd that is all. *bows in all directions*

  • What was vito corleones

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