Youtopia 16 Assessment (2015.10.3)

The Youtopia 16 Assessment is specially designed to determine your MBTI personality type while adjusting for social biases.

Select the words that best reflect your personality to discover your type!



  • I love the way these are written. It’s like Meyers-Briggs meets Quentin Tarentino!

    • Thanks Robert. I’m a huge Tarantino fan, so I take that as the ultimate compliment.

    • Check the site today (9/23/15).

  • Amber Starre says:

    Hi, I have taken this test 4 times and my results have been as follows: INTJ, INFJ, INFJ and INTJ. Which one am I?

    • Great question Amber. I recommend reading the portraits of both types, and seeing which one you relate to most. Place a special emphasis on the negative aspects. We often relate to those reluctantly, and are thus, less likely to identify with other types.

  • I like everything on your page, but the validity of this test is quite questionable I think. I never got any other result that INFJ, but this test gave me INTP. I’m not saying that the test is “wrong”, but it is indeed very difficult to pick the exactly correct words that describe me, eventhough I think I know myself pretty well. And it looks like one word mismatch can completely change the final result. I hardly imagine how some ESxx could solve this test correctly. As I said, information about types is just fantastic, but I think many people will get the wrong type from assessment (and won’t know it!). Please, think about any other options for assessment. Thank you

  • I’ve been run though many tests over the years, I almost always type as an INFJ (Rarely an INFP since my J/P is usually the closest to the center of the scales). On this one I typed as an INTP, same as Jure. Although on reading descriptions on other sites I’ve always identified with an INFJ most strongly, on here, it looks like I definitely have some INTP leanings, especially in the negatives. Not sure if that means my personality has undergone a major shift or if this site categorizes a bit differently to most. I might add that especially in section 3 I found it hard to pick words that I thought described me well.

  • Chinchilla says:

    I’m INFJ and I got INFJ…

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