20 Things I Love and Hate About Being an ESTP

Written by Margarita Reyes


1. I’m creative. I see situations from an “outside the box” perspective, and can come up with ideas and implement them as long as there is a passion behind it… most of the time.
2. I’m driven. Once I know what my goals are, I create a plan and accomplish it… unless it’s not a good plan. Then revise, revise, revise.
3. I’m determined. I will go to the end of the earth for my family and friends. Regardless of the obstacles, I drive straight through. 
4. I’m honest… to a fault. Sometimes being honest goes beyond the circumstances. Where others would rather lie, I’d rather know that I was honest above everything.
5. I am clear-minded. I detach emotionally, when it comes to business, and can separate my personal feelings easily.
6.  I’m highly adaptable.  I often adjust my speech and body language to match the general group or individual dynamic. 
7.  I’m very outgoing and friendly in front of people. I think it’s important to help others feel comfortable.
8. I react aggressively to others’ misfortunes. I’m usually one of the first people to run to a car accident to help the injured. 
9.  I’m great at sharing stories and being entertaining. Even when I’m feeling down, I will forgo my own feelings in order to spread fun to others.  
10.  I love to have fun. I don’t understand why people have to create drama. Just be and have a good time.


1. I’m creative, but if I lose the inspiration, I will drop a project. If my heart isn’t in it, my energy goes elsewhere. 
2. I’m driven, but sometimes I don’t think things through before starting, and I end up working on something for years. 
3.  I don’t realize when keeping my mouth shut is best for a situation. I only think of consequences when it’s already too late and the harm has been done.  
4. Being outgoing and friendly helps others feel comfortable, though sometimes at the expense of how I feel inside.  Many times I feel worse later, and this takes a toll on my emotional well being.
5.  Even though I can do certain things well, if they are uninteresting, I will usually put them off until the last minute.
6. I dislike doing administrative work. I do excel at it, though I usually try to avoid it at all costs.  
7.  I avoid dealing with problems head-on, and will opt for friendly discussion and the status quo.
8. Although I’d do anything for my family and friends, many times I give everything I have, even money, and end up with nothing for myself. I need to find a balance between the two.
9. I hold grudges. If someone is disloyal to me, I cannot trust them easily again. I will always remember, and this takes a toll on relationships.
10. I would rather have fun then work.  No bueno. 

About the author

Margarita Reyes

Margarita Reyes has been an actor for 17 years appearing in television series Criminal Minds, Rake, East Los High, Rake, Law & Order: LA, The Shield, and The Practice. She has also produced several short films and documentaries through her production company ACantar Films (founded in 2007). She is currently directing the feature length documentary on "The Brick and the Rose" under ACantar Films. She is also active in educational projects benefiting youth in underserved communities.
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  • The above mentioned, are exactly ME! :))
    I am slow and retarded when it comes to matters relating to feelings and emotions..

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