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The Artisans (SPs)

The first in a 4-part series, this short film is a visual introduction to the Artisans (SPs). Not that it’s possible to bottle up the essence of four distinct personalities in only a few minutes—but let’s give it a shot!

Next up: the Guardians (SJs)

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Eric G

English lit. by choice, english speaker by default,
Native to los angeles, foreign to parties, tardy to everything,
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    • Thanks! I thought it might fit that active lifestyle.

  • Eric, please, tell me if it is possible for a butterfly to draw Art through intellectual matters? Dissonans is bad sound litterally and means cognitive distortion and noise afteral.

    • Hello Mustafa,

      I’d imagine Butterflies would be extremely adept at utilizing dissonance as an aural element, much like they would use bitterness as a taste element. Out of the four Artisans, the Butterfly is probably the most likely to blend art with intellectual reflection. They search for beauty above all else, and “beauty” is a concept, right?

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