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The Comedian in Every Animal: What Makes Every MBTI Type Funny

Written by Eric G

The Free-flowing Artisans


The Fox (ESTP) – The way that witty banter and word play can flow effortlessly—and eternally—from their mouth, all punctuated by the frequent, and often dirty, one-liners.

The Shark (ISTP) – How they can talk shit about someone when they’re out of earshot, and then, to your surprise, repeat the insult right to the person’s face.

The Peacock (ESFP) – Fart jokes, pratfalls, and all types of physical humor—and lots of it.

The Butterfly (ISFP) – It’s either the Butterfly’s sensitivity to humorous idiosyncrasies, or the manner in which comments often exhale out of their mouth like a muted whisper, with their eyes scanning the situation to make sure they’re not offending anyone.


The Self-confident Guardians


The Stag (ESTJ) – They are the self-appointed masters of the borderline racist/misogynistic/ball-busting joke that people will laugh at due to the Stag’s intimidating—though only sometimes oppressively so—social presence.

The Beaver (ISTJ) – The Beaver’s carefully studied, overtly stated observations can be amusing in their own judgmental kind of way, and often deserve our laughter because of, and not in spite of, the droll, matter-of-fact delivery.

The Elephant (ESFJ) – Boisterous and sociable, the Elephant’s disregard for your social space would be exasperating if they weren’t such good sports about being the target of jokes.

The Bear (ISFJ) – Not exactly funny, but they’ll make you feel like you’re Chris Rock, laughing at every single one of your jokes until they’re the target, at which point they won’t talk to you for an hour and a half.


The Brutally Honest Rationals


The Killer Whale (ENTJ) – Killer Whales are the meanest kind of funny. The targets of their insults are just collateral damage standing in the way of a greater, less funny, ambition, and they very rarely have the decency to mourn for the departed.

The Spider (INTJ) – Drier than the Sahara, Spiders are the coroners of comedy; they might not be able to tell a joke, but they can most definitely explain to you how someone else’s joke died. And for what’s it worth, they’re really, really smart.

The Chimpanzee (ENTP) – I imagine long ago a Chimpanzee once told a joke about a pederastic shaman that offended the entire village, to which the Chimpanzee replied, “I don’t really give a shit”. Thus, stand-up comedy was born.

The Owl (INTP) – When faced with an excruciatingly insufferable type of person, at some point during the situation, an Owl will derisively sum up said douchebag with a sentence of no more than seven words.


The Self-deprecating Idealists


The Dolphin (ENFJ) –The Dolphin is the MVP when it comes to career social miscues. Yet somehow their effervescence and camp counselor charisma causes people to laugh with them, transforming their faux pas into kooky cool.

The Giant Panda (INFJ) – Being the most neurotic of the types, Pandas repress tremendous amounts of negative energy within their psyche. This can either lead to an explosion of creative and witty insightfulness, or an implosion that’s the comic equivalent of a four car freeway pile up that we should drive past…but never do.

The Baboon (ENFP) – If irony and satire didn’t exist, the Baboon would have had to invent them—they probably did. Otherwise, all of that sanctimonious windmill fighting would just seem… sanctimonious.

The Humpback Whale (INFP) – Who would think that masochism could be used to expose the hilarity of human weakness? Humpback Whale’s have perfected the art of playing the innocent bystander; they prefer to let idiots dig their own grave.

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