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Donald Trump’s MBTI Personality Type

Donald Trump. Next President of the United States or (unintentionally) the best campaigner for the democratic party? Two things are certain: the man has good zingers and bad hair. Practice your personality typing by watching his CNN debate highlights, available in three different lengths below.

Short: I’ve got 2 minutes to spare for some quick laughs. Just enough to time to hear about Carly Fiorina’s beautiful face.

Medium: 10 minutes, and then I’m out.

Long: Pop some popcorn, we’re in it for the long haul.


Donald Trump- Fox (ESTP)

trump fox
Trump’s biggest giveaways of his foxiness are his quick-wit and shameless opportunism. He uses his charm to win over the crowd with crude jokes, insults directed at the other candidates, and non-sequiturs. Now that is television!

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