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Who Are You in the Harry Potter Universe?

Written by Eric Gee

Fox (ESTP) – The Weasley Twins


Who needs school? Bold and entrepreneurial, Fred and George attend the school of life, leaving Hogwarts to start their own magic joke shop.

Shark (ISTP) – Ginny Weasley


Harboring a secret crush on Harry for years, Ginny prefers to speak with her actions, becoming a skilled Quidditch player and powerful wizard in her own right.

Peacock (ESFP) –  Gilderoy Lockhart


Yes, it sucks. I know you were wishing and hoping to see Harry here, or Hermione, or even Draco Malfoy. But nope. The one Peacock in the Harry Potter series is none other than Gilderoy Lockhart, he of the embroidered cloaks and CV-spouting pronouncements.

Butterfly (ISFP) – Hagrid


Shy and sensitive, this gentle giant sees beauty in all things, whether they’re abusive brothers, giant spiders, or baby dragons.

Stag (ESTJ) – Minerva Mcgonagall


Hogwarts’ Rock of Gibraltar, Professor McGonagall might play the stern and disciplined headmistress to a tee, but that role only seeks to hide her true position: protector of all that the institution of Hogwarts stands for.

Beaver (ISTJ) – Mad-eye Moody


With his foe glass and “mad-eye”, Alastor Moody transforms great attention to detail and an unflinching adherence to the laws into an effective form of paranoia. Or in the spirit of his favorite warning to a young Harry, “Constant vigilance!”—and if your first thought was “that wasn’t the real Mad-eye, that was Barty Crouch Jr.!”, you really are a Beaver.

Elephant (ESFJ) – Ron Weasley


Where would Harry be without his loyal friend Ron? Family-first, good-natured, and friendly, Ron, like most Elephants, takes pride in his ability to provide comfort and support to those that he loves. He is neither pretentious nor prideful; close friends, a Quidditch match on the telly, and a good butterbeer in the hand is a day well spent for the humblest of the Weasley clan.

Bear (ISFJ) – Neville Longbottom


Quiet and unassuming, Neville suffers an inordinate amount of bullying in his early years at Hogwarts. But as it is with all Bears, he suffers it well, and it isn’t too long before he’s leading an army of students against the forces of Voldemort.

Killer Whale (ENTJ) – Hermione Granger


Everyone’s favorite psychotically-determined super student, Hermione takes no prisoners when it comes to fulfilling her academic ambitions. But in pure Killer Whale fashion, she often finds herself swimming against the tide of authority as the lead commander and architect behind all of Harry’s notoriously reckless and illegal missions.

Spider (INTJ) – Severus Snape


Snape is the epitome of the Spider conundrum: having a controlled and calculating persona makes everyone think you’re the villain no matter what you do. Really, is there any more heroic character than Severus Snape? His ability to hide his true intentions from even big bad Voldemort himself is a testament to his self control and, perhaps, the self-disciplined—some would say repressed—nature of Spiders in general.

Chimpanzee (ENTP) – Gellert Grindelwald


Intrepid, risk-taking, charismatic, and confident are all traits that can make for one very powerful wizard. But they can also lead to a certain reckless curiosity—a Chimpanzee at its worst—and the dark experiments that could twist a once brilliant mind into madness.

Owl (INTP) – Luna Lovegood


She is the prototypical space cadet that could get lost in a conversation mid-sentence. Being removed from reality is a double-edged sword: it has Luna believing in vast conspiracy theories that are not only unbelievable, but borderline illogical; however, it also gives her a certain detached objectivity, a perspective that proves useful to Harry when he finds himself being caught up in the inanity of “real life”.

Dolphin (ENFJ) – Lily Potter


If it’s one thing you learn reading the Harry Potter series, it’s that everyone loved Lily. Lily wasn’t just surface kind. She was actual kind. And just like a Dolphin, Lily’s popularity came not from a respect for an immensity of skill, but an admiration for her genuineness of character.

Panda (INFJ) – Albus Dumbledore


Academic, eccentric, and private, Dumbledore always seems to have more on his mind than he cares to reveal. He is a master of the long game, but unlike the more calculating types, his plans are always predicated on people maturing into the best version of themselves; which, given the unpredictable nature of the human race, displays Dumbledore’s quiet confidence indeed.

Baboon (ENFP) – Nymphadora Tonks


Talk about identity issues. Tonks has the whole, related to the Malfoys issue going on. Plus, her aunt is Bellatrix Lestrange, otherwise known as everybody’s angry ex-girlfriend. Also, being a Metamorphmagus, Tonks can change her appearance at will—that is, if her emotions aren’t getting in the way, i.e. her tumultuous relationship with Remus Lupin. And despite all of this, she is quite possibly the most enthusiastic and cheerful character in the entire series.

Humpback Whale (INFP) – Harry Potter


Anyone who’s ever read the 5th book knows that Harry is one moody son of a bitch (sorry Lily!) He’s the prototypical Arthurian hero, and with it comes the prototypical Arthurian hero complex. Everyone wants to be the hero until they realize that it actually kind of sucks. First comes pain. Then comes more pain. And after all that, you might just end up being the namesake of the most popular book series in recent memory.


About the author

Eric Gee

Eric Gee has administered personality-based life coaching for more than twenty years. He built a successful education company that used his personality typing method to better the lives of more than twenty thousand students, parents, and teachers. As creator of The Youtopia Project and the Youtopia 16 assessment, he has disseminated his method to over half a million users since the website’s creation in 2016.

His upcoming book, The Power of Personality, is the culmination of decades of research and application for the Youtopia Project, insights honed by personality typing upwards of fifty thousand people throughout his career.

Eric graduated from UCLA, where he studied English literature and screenwriting. Coincidentally, he’s also a classically trained pianist, backyard-trained barbecue dilettante, three-time fantasy football champion, professional mentor, and amateur magician. He owns Youtopia Creative, a shared creative workspace in Los Angeles (projectyoutopia.com/creative) where he dispenses life coaching (projectyoutopia.com/university) as well as an inordinate amount of 90s pop culture references.


  • Most people see Harry Potter as an IS_P, because of his Quidditch skill. I know the first book only because my fifth-grade teacher used it as a read-aloud book. “I got the Snitch!” But someone did see INFP because of his poor vision and someone else saw it in the way he questions his identity. Any Fi heavy person can do that, but someone thought his way’s INFP-like.

    • Hi Elektra, that’s why MBTI is out-of-date. Harry has far more in common with other Shamans like Albus Dumbledore or Lupin than he does Hunters like the Weasley Twins. It’s all about what characters (and people) want at their core. Everything else is just surface.

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