How To Get Into Each Animal (MBTI) Type’s Pants

Written by Eric G

The Fox (ESTP)

Call them.

The Shark (ISTP)

Impress them with an incredible feat of physical or technical skill.

The Peacock (ESFP)

Shower them with a tremendous amount of attention and hyperbolic compliments.

The Butterfly (ISFP)

Take a class on tantric massage and then show them what you’ve learned.

The Stag (ESTJ)

Display evidence of a solid FICA score along with solid long-term investments like a Roth IRA or 401K.

The Beaver (ISTJ)

Encourage them to play with you all of the silly games they’ve always wanted to play, but never could.

The Elephant (ESFJ)

Talk about your future plans for a family. Better yet, borrow a niece or nephew to take care of.

The Bear (ISFJ)

Promise them that you’ll clean their house.

The Killer Whale (ENTJ)

Act meek, yet mysterious, to draw them in, and then reveal your spine of steel – and handcuffs.

The Spider (INTJ)

Display a full understanding of a project that they’ve undertaken, including all aspects of the painstaking details.

The Chimpanzee (ENTP)

Be willing to experiment – in conversation and the bedroom.

The Owl (INTP)

Have a conversation about a topic that cannot be summed up in less than two sentences.

The Dolphin (ENFJ)

Join their recycling club.

The Giant Panda (INFJ)

Convince them that their ideas are not weird and their interests are cool.

The Baboon (ENFP)

Argue with them about ideas and don’t back down when they start getting preachy.

The Humpback Whale (INFP)

Understand them completely.

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  • As an INFP (of sensitivity quotient in the 150s, if not more :)) ) I have to say the “Understand them completely” is a stroke of very fine irony 🙂

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