Sneak Peek- Romantic Profiles of Artisans

Two of the greatest applications of personality theory are in careers and personal relationships. Oftentimes, we wonder what it would be like to be romantically involved with a particular personality type.

Love and work… work and love, that’s all there is.

-Sigmund Freud

At, you can read descriptions of the romantic tendencies of different personality types as well as places you may find them.

Here is a quick teaser for the romantic descriptions of the artisans!

The Fox (ESTP)
Confident, playful and charming, Foxes are social butterflies who have, along with Peacocks, mastered the art of the shameless flirt…

On the hunt:
There is a misconception that Foxes are inherently promiscuous—perhaps it’s the type’s close association with the James Bond-ish, Lothario archetype….

The Shark (ISTP)
The closest to subtlety a Shark gets is silence—of course done in the most intense way possible…

On the hunt
Not particularly comfortable with using words as a courting device, Sharks often find themselves stepping on verbal landmines when in conversation…

The Peacock (ESFP)
If there’s one type most likely to grab a complete stranger in ways both amorous and non-amorous, the boisterous and larger-than-life Peacock would be it…

On the hunt:
Peacocks don’t exactly pursue prospective lovers as much as seize them by the torso and pull them into the whirlwind drama that is the Peacock life…

The Butterfly (ISFP)
One of the great assets Butterflies possess in the realm of dating is their natural style…

On the hunt
Butterflies usually find themselves as the hunted rather than the hunter…

You can read the full MBTI romantic profiles of the SPs, SJs and NTs (NFs coming soon!) by signing up at Hope to see you there!

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