10 Ways to Love an INFJ: The Last 5

Written by Marshall Tanaka

Once again, thank you INFJoe  for allowing us to use your illustrations. Stay in touch with him on facebook, and visit his blog.

6. Create an emotionally safe space.

INFJ Pandas get worn down in loud, over-stimulating environments, and they can completely fall apart when faced with hostility. Avoid causing adversarial situations. Of course you are going to disagree at times, but make sure you keep a cool head.


7. Respect their privacy.

Pandas tend to be homebodies because it offers a quiet, private place to unwind and reflect. This is essential to their well being because for INFJ Pandas, to not understand why they are feeling a certain way puts them out of touch with who they are. When they say they’re not to be bothered, they’re NOT to be bothered.


8. Allow them the freedom to socialize in their own way.

Pandas are reclusive, but they still want to be known as an integral part of the group. Just don’t pressure them into the spotlight. Offer them the opportunity to participate any way they choose, and be grateful for what they bring to the group.

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9. Express your feelings.

Remember how I said before that Pandas are not looking for a casual relationship? If you cannot dig deep enough to be emotionally intimate, your relationship will fall flat. Make sure to not only listen to whatever they have to say, but to contribute to the conversation by expressing your own genuine feelings.


10. Respect their interests.

INFJ Pandas hold their hobbies close to their heart, and their preferences might not always be the most conventional. If they’re a music lover, “top 40” gives way to “cool music I heard on an indie station at 2am”. When it comes to science, they love the fantastic, mystical elements. When it comes to fantasy, they want to be the scholarly wizard. Immerse yourself as much as you can in their world. Respect it. And on those occasions when you have to choose between watching the World Series or accompanying them to a Cosplay party, choose them- and get your costume ready.









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